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Commercial Property

Whether stationary or on the move, physical property owned or leased by a business needs to be properly valued and protected against damage from fire, theft, weather, earthquake and other sources of physical damage. We work with our clients to evaluate the impact of how loss or damage to these assets will affect the ability of business to operate. Often this conversation starts with a simple question… “this building burns down tomorrow, what do you need, and when do you need it?” Once this key issue is understood, the appropriate insurance product can be developed.

Business Interruption

Making sure a client’s revenue stream continues after property has been damaged or destroyed is a critical factor in the survival of the organization. We work with our clients to analyze the numbers, identify critical properties, equipment or processing capacity needed to keep functioning and rebuild. Business Interruption coverage provides the funds that will keep the company operating after a loss and thriving once operations are back to normal.

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