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Work Hand in Hand With Us to:

Have the Peace of Mind You Deserve

You have the right to know everything related to your insurance policy – Know what to expect when a loss occurs.

Have a Closer Look at What You Are Buying

Insurance policies are as unique as each individual buyer.  Multiple options are great, but it is more important to understand the difference between the policies being offered.  This is the only way to ensure that your premium actually buys the coverage you expect.

We Will Be Your Proactive Partner

We are very much aware that you’re a busy individual and you don’t have time to closely monitor the release of new products, legal and regulatory requirements, we’ll do that for you and communicate the things you need to know.  You also get an annual “check-up” to make sure the strategies that have been put in place are consistent with your ongoing needs.

Services We Offer

  • Personal Home and Auto Coverage

  • Umbrella and Excess Liability Limit Evaluation

  • Yachts and Watercraft Coverage

Private Client Service

Don’t come unprepared. We’ve got you covered.

Bad things sometimes happen so its important to be ready, have a plan and a trusted partner to help you through the challenges.  At Pinnacle Brokers, we do our best to assist our clients and help them understand the financial exposures that could affect their way of life, assets, and properties. We are a team of professionals that promises to create a program that would help you enjoy the rewards of having a plan.

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