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The Board of directors, senior management and the company itself need to be protected from litigation that arises out of their management decisions. This protection is referred to as Management Liability and generally consists of the following types of insurance coverage:

Crime Coverage

Theft of equipment, inventory, drugs and other business property. Also, covers the theft of money and other valuables from the healthcare organization or the patients of the healthcare organization.

Officers and Directors Liability

Protecting the financial assets of the individuals as well as the company itself. Whether this litigation arises from employees, shareholders, customers, vendors or government oversight these critical policies provide support and funding at the most critical times.

Employment Practices Liability

Protects the company for alleged violation of discrimination and harassment statutes and is the most common type of management liability claim small to medium sized employers will face.

Fiduciary Liability

Under ERISA, any individual involved in the process of selecting or transferring 401k funds is personally liable for these activities. Fiduciary liability policies protect these individuals as well as the insured organization against allegations of wrongdoing in the creation and administration of these plans.

Kidnap and Ransom

Providing expertise and expenses for negotiation, rescue, ransom and other support needed during an event that can be very emotional and debilitating for an organization.

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