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Pinnacle Brokers was founded on the concept of knowledge and service. Our job is not simply placing insurance policies; our job is to so thoroughly understand our client’s business that we become a trusted business consultant. We believe it is essential to deliver outstanding professional service and support to business owners who are far too often being pushed into a self-service environment.

Beyond the insurance transaction, we are business consultants. Our collective expertise and years of experience with thousands of business operations provide a wealth of knowledge to draw upon. As a result, our experience and knowledge become your company’s resource.


Employee Benefits Insurance Expertise

Our health care-industry experience helps us understand the dynamics of being both the sponsor of a medical plan and an organization that is in the business of health care. Pinnacle Brokers, we are able to leverage this knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our clients.

Our Employee Benefits Program

Pinnacle Brokers’ employee benefit programs provide health care organizations with a competitive edge that helps attract and retain employees. In so doing, we have access to the latest technology that helps us assist in your benefits administration. This includes our on-line enrollment system, ERISA and ACA compliance solutions.

As part of your customized strategy, we will:

  • Design customized plans and appropriate funding strategies

  • Request proposals from all third parties and negotiate aggressively on your behalf

  • Provide direct communication and access to insurers

  • Access the best benefit plan resources around the country

  • Deliver all proposal terms, conditions and pricing to your satisfaction

  • Conduct carrier and vendor interviews

  • Make recommendations and manage final negotiations

  • Manage implementation and administration process

  • Continually monitor the program to make sure it meets client expectations

  • Outline the strategy for the upcoming enrollment well in advance of the renewal

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