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We actively work with our clients to help identify and minimize risk, then efficiently manage the process when claims inevitably occur.

When claims occur it’s critical to get them reported timely, accurately and to the right insurance company. Once claims are reported we work with you and your insurers to help bring about the best resolution possible. In addition to working with our staff, we also utilize attorneys and other consultants to support our clients when negotiating claims settlements.

Working to limit the impact of claims or prevent them from happening in the first place is the primary purpose of risk control. Whether it’s helping to assess the hazards of a new acquisition, working with an employer to reduce workplace accidents or identifying operational risk we roll up our sleeves. Aside from that, having a risk control program is also important, because it helps in avoiding and lessening the risks brought by claims. Though, before we evaluate the risk control needs, we outline the risk management services given by the insurers first, which has been part of the policy purchased by the client.

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