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Pinnacle Insurance Brokers has proven to be an organization where people can thrive.  We are now embarking on another mission: to grow a larger, stronger organization on the following principles:

  • Client service

  • Community Service

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Money as a means to an end, not the purpose of what we do

  • Everyone shares in the profits of the firm


New Producers

Adding new producers is a cornerstone to achieving our goals.  We understand each producer is unique and we will craft a compensation and support plan that provides the producer the best opportunity to thrive both personally and financially.

By recognizing each producer and their book of business as unique, we will not offer a compensation plan that must fit all producers.  We understand that some producers are more involved than others in the servicing of their individual books of business.  As a result we will work with a producer to:

  • Discuss the work/life balance desired by the producer

  • Analyze the service needs of their book of business

  • Determine the desire of the producer to grow the book and further other producers’ success within the organization

  • Establish the amount of support required by the producer to service and grow their book

Once these issues have been discussed, an appropriate compensation plan will be developed.  Once established, a producer’s compensation plan will not be changed unless these criteria are substantially changed.

As producers ourselves, we believe in the ability of producers to manage their own destiny by having control of their book of business.  A producer who comes to us with a book will have 100% ownership of that book.

If you are looking to create something beyond a paycheck for you and your family, you owe it to yourself to talk with us about your vision.

Client Service Staff

Pinnacle’s current staff is comprised of industry veterans with expertise in medical services, real estate, construction, technology, manufacturing, security and other commercial business operations.  We have processes and procedures in place to provide outstanding service and expertise to our clients.

As our company grows, we will continue to hire the most talented, enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals to ensure continued excellence in meeting our clients’ and producers’ needs.

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