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Communicating employee benefits is challenging and time-consuming for any company’s benefits-administration team. Pinnacle Brokers helps companies provide real-time employee assistance to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Employee Benefits – Communication Program

  • Clearly communicating the details of your employee benefits insurance plan is imperative for employee satisfaction.

  • Uses cutting edge technology to eliminate significant administrative costs

  • Reduces the burden of fielding questions, managing plans, providing updates, answering calls and distributing materials

  • Provides personalized and up-to-date benefit information, policy content and decision support tools through a secure web portal, which allows workers to get information 24/7, and your HR department to focus on more strategic initiatives

Benefits Administration Services

  • 24/7 self-service

  • Benefit brochures

  • Benefit website

  • Call center

  • Employee surveys

  • Newsletters

  • One-on-one and group employee meetings

  • Online enrollment

  • Total compensation statements

Increased Employee Benefit Communication

Technology is constantly improving communication between the HR department and the workforce, and employees now expect to be able to access their benefit information at all times. Online self-service offerings are a critical tool for HR departments seeking to manage costs while still providing timely service to the workforce.

Contact us to view a web demo of our self-service model.

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