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Insurer Financial Security
Pinnacle Brokers believes that the financial condition of a company plays a vital role when evaluating various proposals. Carriers who chose to participate in your programs must be financially stable and fully capable of paying your claims.

We communicate with our insurers on a daily basis. We track their financial stability and monitor their approach to paying claims. In addition to being informed about changes in financial ratings, we also track changes in policy forms, product offerings and client-centered resources.

Pinnacle Brokers also subscribes to several resource publications and agencies, such as Advisen, A.M. Best, Business Insurance, and many more. This means that our clients will always receive the information about their program in real time.

Service Quality Assurance
We show our dedication through Pinnacle’s Broker Service Standards. This serves as our basis for executing quality service plans to all our clients. Through these standards we drive the scope and timing of the client service cycle and how we use our technology platforms to deliver quality services to our clients.

Outsourced Consulting Services
Many business operations require outside services. While we focus on our core services to deliver exceptional value to our clients, we also work with you to develop strategies for coordinating the outside services necessary to help your business run smoothly. Unlike other agencies, we don’t duplicate or charge our clients for services that can be better executed by others. We do what’s right for you.

We work closely with our clients to help define their outside service needs. Once a strategy is developed we will:

  • Work with the third parties selected by our clients.

  • Propose outside specialists to our clients if needed

  • Assess and control third party services.

  • Maximize our client’s budget by utilizing outside specialized resources.

Some Outsourced Services We Offer:

  • Contract Review

  • Claims Consulting

  • Managed Care/Health Care Contract Consulting

  • Premium Finance Options

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