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We are an innovative managed care stop-loss broker and services company.  We blend customer and market perspective to help customers optimize how they manage and insure risk.

Because we have connections to different reinsurance companies and major insurers that focus in health-care product lines, we offer you the best insurance possible.

Our years of experience allow us to quickly identify your exposures and create a specific plan tailored to fit the unique risks of your business.

Our job is not simply placing insurance policies; our job is to so thoroughly understand our client’s business that we become a trusted business consultant.

At Pinnacle, we do our best to assist our clients and help them understand their financial exposures that could affect their way of life, assets, and properties.

Insurance services simplified. Allow us to service your insurance needs. 

Insurance is important to you and therefore it is important to us. Whatever your needs may be, we are committed to giving you the best service as quickly as possible.


Each of our clients has a different set of circumstances, different reasons and needs for buying insurance. We make sure to do our very best in finding you the best prices for all your needs.


Every insurance company provides differently for its customers. We know, and do, what it takes to make sure your company buys the insurance needed to address these exposures.

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